Geotab Releases Next-Gen Version of Flagship Telematics Device

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Geotab released the latest version of its flagship GO9 telematics solution, which now includes high-speed wireless connectivity, the company announced Jan. 11.

The GO9+ builds upon the earlier version of the device, which came out in 2019. It was designed to help businesses better manage their fleets through accelerated tracking, GPS and vehicle-generated data. GO9+ improves those functions while adding wireless connectivity.

“The GO9+ opens up internet access to more people, allowing managers to stay connected to their teams, enhancing the ability of businesses to operate with employees away from an office or logistics warehouse,” Colin Sutherland, executive vice president of sales and marketing, said in a statement.


Geotab said the new wireless connectivity will allow businesses full visibility of their vehicles in real time. Wi-Fi connectivity also will last for up to four hours with the ignition off. This is intended to eliminate wasted fuel and greenhouse gas generated when idling for wireless access. It also is intended to save cost by reducing the number of cellular connections in the field while improving access to data options.

“The adoption of efficiency tools for employees has accelerated, and as we end an unpredictable and unprecedented year, one thing we can place firmly in the silver linings column for 2020 is that many industries have pivoted to permanently optimizing their everyday business practices for an increasingly connected world,” Sutherland said.

The GO9+ is available for heavy-truck fleets, rideshare vehicles, small-business fleets, ride-for-hire services and buses. Managers can access data from all of their connected vehicles through a centralized platform. — Transport Topics

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