FleetAero - Custom Aerodynamic Solutions


What is FleetAero?

Improving tractor-trailer aerodynamics has been a goal since the 1950s. However, most of the focus has been on tractor design. Today every tractor has been optimized from an aerodynamic perspective.  Today, even windshield wiper designs have been optimized to reduce drag.

While there has been much innovation at the front end of the rig, the fundamental design and shape of the trailer remains a paradox: the most efficient shape for hauling freight, and maximizing loads is an elevated rectangular box, which is an aerodynamic dud.  Today, 75% of the aerodynamic drag compromising tractor-trailer performance comes from the trailer. This area can no longer be ignored.

It has been a decade since side skirts became commercially viable, and we are proud of our history in pioneering a tough, efficient, yet affordable side skirt.  The advent of trailer skirts has been a fuel-efficiency watershed. But almost immediately after skirts became viable, everyone wanted to know what would come next.  Other trailer aero devices were introduced and nearly all of them have failed, either because they did not work or were a maintenance nightmare.  Yet the demand for more advanced solutions continues to grow: hyper-efficiency is no longer the domain of a few select fleets, it is fast becoming a requirement to remain viable.  Also, fleets, as well as shippers, now have begun implementing carbon reduction plans.

This year we at Strehl introduced the FleetAero brand to better reflect what we do, which is provide fleets with aerodynamic solutions.  With the continued growth of our TrailerBlade family of products and our recent acquisition of Rocketail, FleetAero best represents our expanded focus.  This focus aligns with the needs of our customers, which is a more complete aero solution, customized to meet an individual fleet’s goals. Today, FleetAero’s product portfolio aggregates brand names well known in the industry to be the most advanced, highest performing technologies on the market today. 



Mission Accomplished: The 10% Trailertm

How well do the FleetAero solutions perform?  A trailer outfitted with a FleetAero Skirt, Tail and Flaps has been proven through independent testing and real-world performance metrics to reduce fuel consumption by over 10%. We call this the “10% trailer,” and best of all, a 10% improvement in operating performance can be achieved cost-effectively.


Mission Accomplished:  Bolt-on Bin 4tm

Perhaps your primary objective is regulatory in nature.  For many, this means achieving a Bin 4 certification.  Add Rocketail to almost any side skirt and your trailer will instantly exceed Bin 4 performance thresholds.  All FleetAero solutions are CARB and EPA-verified.  Most importantly, their performance has been proven where it counts the most:  on the road.


FleetAero develops and markets the most advanced aerodynamic solutions for reducing aerodynamic drag and improving fuel economy for the nation’s fleet of long-haul trailers. FleetAero’s packaged solutions are proven to achieve the two most important objectives sought by today’s owner operators:  certified fuel savings exceeding 10% while achieving regulatory compliance. All FleetAero products are designed and tested in real-world environments, backed by hard data and supported by outstanding service. FleetAero products are available nationwide through semi-trailer OEMs, the Strehl dealer network and most semi-trailer dealers. FleetAero, TrailerBlade and Rocketail are registered trademarks of Strehl. For more information visit FleetAero.com.

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