Eno Center for Transportation Re-elects Mineta, Welcomes New Board Member

The Board of the Eno Center for Transportation announced the re-election of former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta to its membership.

Also, Eno has appointed STV Inc. executive vice president and chief strategy officer Thomas Prendergast to its Board of Directors, the organization announced.

“Eno is delighted that Secretary Mineta will serve another term on the board. His years of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm are irreplaceable. We’re happy to have his help for a bit longer,” said Eno Board Chairman James Burnley in a press release.

Secretary Mineta was Mayor of San Jose, Calif., a Member of Congress, Secretary of Transportation for the George W. Bush administration and U.S. Secretary of Commerce under the Clinton administration. Among Secretary Mineta’s accolades in office, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bush in 2006, the highest civilian honor in this country.

“Eno is very excited that Mr. Prendergast has joined our Board of Directors,” Eno Center president and CEO Robert Puentes said in a press release. “His experience and knowledge of transportation is invaluable to our organization. I have no doubt that he will have a very positive impact on our work.”

Prendergast has spent his more than 40-year career in Chicago, Vancouver, British Columbia and New York City. While in New York he worked at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, or MTA, and New York City Transit Authority. Among projects he worked on in New York include the Second Avenue Subway and oversight of restoration to the subway system after damage done by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.