Eco Flaps’ Aerodynamic Splash Guards Demonstrate Fuel Savings

Raj Nair, Sales Engineer - Heavy Vehicles North America at Exa Corporation, speaks about the engineering behind Eco Flap's products to reporters. (Joseph Terry/Transport Topics)

ATLANTA — A recent evaluation of Eco Flaps’ aerodynamic splash guards on less-than-truckload equipment resulted in significant fuel savings, the company announced at the Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting March 7.

For the evaluation, Exa Corporation used a day cab tractor with two 28-foot trailers connected by a dolly.

“The segment of the trucking industry that run[s] with two or three trailers at a time, which includes most LTL carriers, is really limited when it comes to aerodynamic devices,” said Bren Marshell, vice president of sales for Eco Flaps, in a statement.

“Our recent work with Exa Corporation shows that when Eco Flaps are installed in all flap positions on multiple trailers, drag is reduced significantly, resulting in greater fuel savings and quick [return on investment],” he added.

The flaps also are designed to boost safety by reducing splash and spray due to rain, according to the company. They are available in 18- by 24-inch to 24- by 36-inch to meet trucks’ dimensions. Custom colors with custom graphics are available upon request. A two-year warranty backs the products.

Two years ago, the company was recognized as eco-friendly by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Eco Flaps is based in Tennessee, and Exa Corporation is based in Massachusetts.