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Aperia Expands Halo Tire Analytics Platform to Trailers

“When we first came into the market we thought there was a hole that needed to be filled,” Aperia co-founder and CEO Josh Carter said. (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

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ORLANDO, Fla. — Aperia Technologies is expanding its Halo Connect tire analytics offering to trailers with the introduction of Halo Trailer Connect.

The new product enables fleets to monitor the condition of all tractor and trailer tires through a single platform to optimize tire life, prevent equipment downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

“Our clients are now able to put every tire on every asset under management with Halo Tire Management,” Judith Monte, Aperia’s vice president of marketing, said during a Feb. 27 press conference at the Technology & Maintenance Council’s Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition.

Fleets can use Halo Trailer Connect as a stand-alone tire analytics engine or in combination with an automatic tire inflation system. The platform can be coupled with Aperia’s own automatic inflation product, the Halo Tire Inflator, or it can run over top of other suppliers’ active inflation systems installed on the trailer.

Like its tractor counterpart, Halo Trailer Connect uses machine learning to assess tire and wheel-end health and detect potential maintenance issues by tire position, including tires that are leaking or should soon be replaced.

“We know that bombarding fleets with more data from commodity sensors is just not effective,” Monte said. “Instead, Halo Connect’s proprietary tire analytics engine receives data from a whole host of sources, then does the heavy lifting of decoding the data and translating it into meaningful maintenance recommendations for fleet users.”

Along with its predictive tire health insights, Halo Trailer Connect also comes standard with trailer asset tracking capabilities.


A wheel at Aperia's booth at TMC 2023. (John Sommers II for Transport Topics) 

Aperia is currently taking pre-orders for Halo Trailer Connect, with shipments set to begin in the third quarter.

The introduction of Halo Trailer Connect represents the latest expansion of Aperia’s portfolio of automatic tire inflation hardware and predictive maintenance software.

The company first entered the market in 2014 with its Halo Tire Inflator device, which uses the wheel’s rotation to maintain optimal pressure for tractor and trailer tires.

While automatic inflation systems for trailer tires had already been available for many years, Aperia set out to bring autoinflation to every wheel position.

“When we first came into the market we thought there was a hole that needed to be filled,” Aperia co-founder and CEO Josh Carter said. “The truck was begging for a solution.”

Since then, Aperia has been expanding the data analytics side of its business to further enhance tire management through greater visibility and predictive maintenance alerts.

“That was always the vision,” Carter said.

Today the company has more than 1 million tires under management with its Halo Tire Management platform, Monte said.

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