Why Trailer Telematics is Critical for Trailer Utilization and Safety

Program Aired: October 7, 2021

Millions of dollars’ worth of trailer equipment and cargo goes up in smoke every year because of catastrophic yet preventable trailer-related events such as tire blow outs, wheel-end fires and more. These trailer-related events are preventable using trailer telematics and industry-leading OEM sensors. Actionable data on tire pressure and wheel temperature can mean the difference between a catastrophic failure or goods arriving on time.  

Connected intelligence using trailer telematics can also deliver valuable insights into trailer usage to drive greater efficiency. Door open or closed, for example, can help reduce theft and secure perishables, and cargo sensing helps improve trailer utilization. The next generation of trailer telematics is about deeper insights into your trailer health and usage to increase optimal performance. 

Join us for this webinar to learn how to leverage trailer telematics and sensors to gain greater visibility and control to help avoid catastrophic trailer-involved incidents, improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and maximize operational efficiency. 

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Kinana Hussain

VP, Product Management, CalAmp
Kinana Hussain is Vice President of Product Management at CalAmp, and he has held the position since 2017. He leads strategies to maximize the impact of product launches for CalAmp, a telematics and IoT market leader. 

James Oh

Senior Manager of R&D/Engineering at Hyundai Translead

James Oh is the Senior Manager of R&D/Engineering at Hyundai Translead. He has 13 years of focused experience in product development in electronics and sensor technology. 

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