The State of Heavy Duty Repair and Fleet Maintenance in 2022

Program Aired: May 19, 2022 How did commercial repair shops deal with parts and labor shortages in 2021, not to mention the lingering effects of the pandemic? Join industry leaders from Fullbay to learn how the heavy-duty community handled these challenges, with insight into revenue trends, operational benchmarks, and much more! Brought to you by:


Jacob Findlay

Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Fullbay

Jacob Findlay is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fullbay. A CPA by trade, he graduated with a bachelor's and master's degrees in accounting and ran the financial teams at CareFX, a medical records startup, and WebPT, the leading electronic medical record software solution for physical therapists. 

Chris O'Brien

COO, Fullbay

Chris O’Brien is the COO of Fullbay. He spent over 20 years of experience managing drivers and the private fleet at Shamrock Foods, one of the largest foodservice distributors nationwide. Prior to Fullbay, he oversaw the operations team for WebPT, the #1 medical record software for the physical therapy industry.  

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