Preparing for FMCSA’s HOS Changes

In June, FMCSA published the Hours-of-Service Final Rule, making four key rule changes. With input from drivers, enforcement, and the industry, the regulatory changes aim to increase flexibility for fleets while maintaining highway safety. Join FMCSA’s Joe DeLorenzo and EROAD’s Soona Lee in a webinar that explains the new changes, how they will affect your fleet and the industry as a whole.

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Joe DeLorenzo

Acting Associate Administrator for Enforcement, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Joe DeLorenzo is the Acting Associate Administrator for Enforcement, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. (FMCSA). Joe is responsible for policy and program development for the Agency’s enforcement and compliance program. With over 25 years’ experience at FMCSA, Joe has held various positions including serving as Director of FMCSA’s National Training Center, and providing training and education related to Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety and Security across North America.

Soona Lee

Director of Regulatory Compliance, EROAD

As Director of Regulatory Compliance at EROAD, Soona Lee is responsible for understanding policy context and technical requirements and translating them for development of EROAD’s suite of compliance products. She works closely with carriers, drivers and the enforcement community to improve industry outcomes of compliance, safety and efficiency through implementation of technology. Soona was named the 2019 LEAD ATA program by the American Trucking Associations and serves on multiple industry committees through ATA and CVSA.

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