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Learn to Leverage Technology and Data to Help Mitigate Your Risk

Program Aired: April 21, 2022

Managing compliance is critical in a landscape of nuclear verdicts and company-crushing audit violation penalties.  Fleetworthy understands this and built their next-generation compliance software platform to help manage risk, automate and track DOT / FMCSA required data and process, and provide integrated data analytics for intelligent action and decision making.   


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Steve Berry

Sr. Director of Product Management, Fleetworthy Solutions
For over 25 years, Steve has focused on building great technology into products and solutions that make a difference for the people that use them.  From his early career in logistics and supply-chain technology, he served multiple roles in software development, solution management, project management, and leadership. Joining Fleetworthy in 2017 to oversee product development, he brought a unique perspective to Safety and Compliance Mitigation that complements Fleetworthy’s combination of People, Data, and Technology.  FWS’s newest intelligent compliance platform, the CPSuite, is a result of Steve’s vision for a cohesive, multi-application, cloud-based software used by both FWS’s customers and internal staff.  The CPSuite delivers Fleetworthy’s managed services in a transparent and reliable system-of-record setting a foundation of confidence against the many risks in operating within the transportation compliance industry. 

Michael Precia

President & CEO, Fleetworthy Solutions

Michael Precia has over 25 years of experience selling and managing sales and account management teams delivering SaaS solutions to global organizations. Holding successful management positions at Purchasepro, Perfect Commerce, Capgemini and Sciquest, Michael joined Fleetworthy in 2017 as the Executive Vice President of Sales. In 2019, he was named President and CEO of Fleetworthy Solutions and since then he has led company growth through strategic acquisitions, critical partnerships, and positive leadership, making Fleetworthy one of the best places to work in Madison, WI as well as being a leader in the transportation safety and compliance industry. Michael believes in the powerful combination between People, Data, and Technology to deliver best-in-class compliance solutions to the market. He has been a hands-on leader and contributor in the vision for FWS's intelligent compliance platform, The CPSuite. 

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