How to Streamline Your Driver Recruitment

Program Aired: November 17, 2022. Driver recruitment is inefficient and antiquated. Even the best recruiting teams only hire 2% of the applications they receive. Learn how to multiply your drivers hired and get your driver seats filled faster in this webinar hosted by TransForce. 

Attending this session will help your business: 

  • - Be the first to reach great driver candidates. 

  • - Increase productivity of your recruiters. 

  • - Source candidates not found on other job platforms. 

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Ohad Axelrod

Product Lead, Transforce

For over a decade, Ohad has brought innovative technology to the transportation industry. In his current role, he leads product focused on solving for the inefficiencies in truck driver recruitment by integrating TransForce’s unique driver network and portfolio into TF1: a smart driver-job match technology. 

Craig Ferguson

Driver Recruitment Solutions Architect

Craig Ferguson is a former NHL player, turned entrepreneur. Born into a family business, Craig began working with drivers and running logistics operations at an early age. In his role, he helps carriers of all sizes optimize their driver recruitment marketing, processes, and technologies. 

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