How to Optimize Cash Flow

Program Airs: July 25, 2 p.m. ET.

Today's transportation companies work under tremendous pressure - from rising costs and labor shortages to looming recessions and fluctuating demand. Effectively managing cash flow and both sides of the carrier-shipper relationship are vital to continued operations when running on fine margins. Invoicing errors, service disputes, payment delays and more can not only disrupt your day-to-day operations but also slow down an already beset supply chain. 

The best way to foster stronger relationships and facilitate cash flow is a smarter freight invoice, audit and payment process. More companies are leveraging technology to mitigate disruptions on both the shipper and the carrier sides. Many may be missing opportunities to extend payment terms, increase working capital and improve receivables health. 

Find out how you can expedite the freight payment process and optimize cash flow. Tiffany Anderson, Senior Product Manager at U.S. Bank, joins TT's Joe Howard for a special one-on-one conversation to discuss her experience creating a smarter, more sustainable invoice life cycle and offer her insight on financial trends across the supply chain.


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