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Elevating Customer Service in the Supply Chain


Program Aired: June 13, 2 p.m. ET

Consistently providing a high level of customer service and support is proven to establish trust and build long-term business relationships. In fact, DDC FPO's 2024 Customer Service Trends report found a strong correlation between improved customer satisfaction scores and improved customer lifetime value. Of the study participants, 68% reported that their investments in customer experience produced a strong ROI in the past year.  

New customer service initiatives are not often the highest priority, especially when operating costs for transportation companies are higher than ever. However, new technologies and business service providers can offer more cost-effective solutions to support your customer service team through common challenges they face from limited internal bandwidth or resources. Can you better support a customer's journey with generative AI? Is outsourcing your customer management to customer experience experts the right decision?  

Find out how modern customer service solutions can upgrade your business' operations. Donna Kintop, Head of Customer Care at DDC FPO, joins Transport Topics' Seth Clevenger for a special one-on-one conversation to discuss her experience building customer success strategies for countless transportation companies and offer her insight on customer service trends across the supply chain.  


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