Fit to Pass

Discover the New Way of Improving Driver Recruitment and Retention

Program Aired: April 14, 2022

The trucking industry is in trouble. With the driver shortage at over 90,000, the turnover rate averaging 90%, and many other pressing issues, something needs to give. It’s time we look under the hood into the current state of our drivers and discover new cost-effective and life-transforming ways of recruiting and retaining drivers. 

And this will give you and your business these great takeaways:

  • - What driver statistics to track and why it’s important
  • - New strategies that you can deploy short-and long-term to recruit and retain your drivers
  • - How to maximize driver reach and engagement to elicit change

Brought to you by:


Bob Perry

Consultant, Fit to Pass

Bob Perry, the Trucker Trainer™ has spent the last 25 years working to bring a healthy and fit lifestyle to CDL drivers. Between his nationwide radio interviews, monthly column on and appearances at industry events, he reaches (and helps) thousands every year. Bob elicits life-transforming changes so drivers can maintain their livelihood.  


Dr. Todd Simo

Chief Medical Officer, Managing Director of  Transportation, HireRight

Dr. Simo is the Chief Medical Officer for HireRight. In addition to maintaining his role as CMO, Dr. Simo was also appointed to the role of Managing Director of HireRight’s transportation business in 2018. With a wealth of health and drug screening knowledge in the transportation industry, Dr. Simo is committed to sharing best practices and health changing strategies that carriers can deploy for their drivers. 


Leah Shaver

President & CEO of The National Transportation Institute (NTI)

Leah Shaver is the President & CEO of The National Transportation Institute (NTI), the trucking industry subject matter experts on professional driver wages, recruitment and retention best practices, and programs. Leah is an advocate for the transportation industry’s best resource – professional truck drivers!

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