The Digital Transformation: Understanding how unprecedented insights are quickly changing the way fleets operate

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Program Aired: September 29, 2022

You hear terms like Digital Transformation, Data Science, and Deep Learning every day, but do you really understand what they mean? In this webinar, you’ll learn how these techniques are used to transcend traditional business processes and customer experiences and become equipped with simple concepts to elevate your fleet’s operations.  

Key takeaways: 

  • -Quickly translate a lot of data into valuable, actionable insights 
  • -Use data to drive better decisions and service for customers  
  • -Learn new, game-changing ways to operate more efficiently  

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Craig Marris

Executive Vice President, Mixed Fleets, EROAD

Craig Marris is a co-founder of Coretex, a telematics company acquired by EROAD in 2021. Launching the company’s North American operations in 2006, Craig has a double degree in marketing and economics and graduated with distinction from the Harvard Business School of Analytics.

Mike Soricelli

Segment Development Manager, North America, EROAD

Since 2010, Mike has been in the transportation technology space working with Fortune 500 companies to create transformational solutions on a global scale. Mike has demonstrated success driving new sales growth through development and execution of new programs, products, and services.