Whip Around

Digital tools and data - your last line of defense

Program Aired: November 18, 2021

Gone are the days where paper forms and manual processes could be relied on to stay compliant and keep your fleet on the road. ELD or tracking shouldn’t be all that’s leading your digital expansion, simple tools and data can be used to have a big impact on compliance scores and fleet performance. 

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Tim Boyle

Co-founder, Whip Around

A passion for building technology to solve the daily problems of the transport sector has seen Tim grow Whip Around into a market leader with a focus on fleet safety, compliance, and maintenance. 

Steve Keppler

Co-Director, Scopelitis Transportation Consultanting

Steve Keppler has 29 years in the transportation industry, including 16 at the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, time at the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Motor Carriers (predecessor to the FMCSA) and currently as Co-Director of Scopelitis Transportation Consultants.