Cybersecurity: Best Practices to Reduce Your Risks

Program Airs: October 13, 2022. Cybersecurity threats extend beyond back offices and to every vehicle on the highway. The COVID-19 pandemic and shift to more remote work has made the trucking industry a more attractive target than ever. Tune into this webinar to learn about the evolving threats and how to avoid a debilitating security breakdown.  

And this will give you and your business these great takeaways: 

  • - How to best access your vulnerability and determine your level of risk 

  • - The best practices and recommendations to take now to reduce your risk 

  • - How the transportation industry is working together to combat these threats 

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Joe Russo

VP of IT & Security, ISAAC Instruments

Joe has over 20 years’ experience leading IT teams. He has held senior leadership roles at companies including Morgan Stanley and CN Rail. His experience in aligning IT strategy with corporate strategy makes him a strong transformational leader who excels at overcoming technical and organizational challenges.

Bill Brown

Retired Manager, Southeastern Freight Lines

Bill Brown, now retired, was manager of fleet telematics for Southeastern Freight Lines. He participated in NMFTA’s effort to develop vehicle cybersecurity awareness and standards. He’s also past chairman of TMC’s Future Truck Committee and was a member of ATRI’s research advisory council. 

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