7 Trucking Regulations That Could Change Your World

Program Aired: June 23, 2022

Over the next two years federal regulators are expected to propose new trucking regulations that will significantly alter the world in which professional drivers, motor carriers, and trucks operate.    Precisely how these regulations come about – their timing, cost, and content – are strongly affected by politics, the economy and by you, through your comments to the rulemaking dockets.   Register for the webinar, “7 Trucking Regulations That Could Change Your World.” Hear from former Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Deputy Administrator Warren Hoemann about what new trucking regulations could be headed your way. 

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Warren Hoemann

Former FMCSA Deputy Administrator

Warren Hoemann was the deputy administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration from 2003-2006 and a senior vice president with the American Trucking Associations from 2006-2017. Hoemann had a long career in trucking, including executive positions in government relations and law for the California Trucking Association, for a major trucking company, at a research institute, and in private practice representing trucking companies.


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