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Companies Turn to Tracking Technology for Cargo Security


Beth Rogers | Special to Transport Topics
March 28, 2007
Business, Technology, Safety, Equipment, Logistics, Autonomous

Companies Use Tracking Technology for Electronic Cargo Security

Many manufacturers provide trucking companies with products that use Global Positioning System satellites to help manage their logistics more seamlessly, but have now found an additional use for the technology.

Beth Rogers | Special to Transport Topics
March 28, 2007
Business, Safety, Government, Technology, Equipment, Autonomous

Perseverance, Timing Key to Mediation of Accident Claims

NEW ORLEANS — While great trials may provide drama and public fascination, mediation of accident claims — a process that avoids that drama — is daily life for trucking companies and other transportation providers. Those involved with the system said mediation takes special skills and techniques.

Jonathan S. Reiskin | Associate News Editor
March 28, 2007
Business, Technology

Qualcomm, GE Trailer, SkyBitz Announce Product Expansions

LAS VEGAS — Qualcomm Inc., GE Trailer Fleet Services and Sky-Bitz, three of the largest providers of trailer-tracking technology, each announced new customers and product expansions and enhancements here last week.

Neil Abt | Editorial Director
March 23, 2007
Business, Technology, Equipment, Autonomous

February Truck Sales Fall 19.3%

Sales of new Class 8 trucks fell 19.3% in February, while orders for new vehicles plunged more than 70%, according to companies that track the market.

Frederick Kiel | Staff Reporter
March 19, 2007
Business, Safety, Government, Technology, Equipment

Letter to the Editor: Speed Limits, Opening the Border

Click here to write a Letter to the Editor. There is a lot more traffic and a lot more going on behind the wheel other than turning it, with cellphones, Global Positioning System and onboard computers.

March 14, 2007
Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety

iTECH: Harnessing the Sun to Recharge Trailer Batteries

Considering that all batteries have a finite life span, harnessing sunlight is one way to keep tracking systems running for long periods on far-flung trailers.

Thomas M. Strah | Managing Editor
March 5, 2007
Business, Government, Technology, Equipment, Safety

Security & Safety Briefs — Feb. 22 - Feb. 28

U.S. Delays Border Inspection Fees • Charleston Port Sets New Security System • Oshkosh Wins $878 Million Army Contract • Survey Highlights Traffic Congestion Concern

February 28, 2007
Business, Safety, Technology, Government, Autonomous

Trucking: Don’t Include CBs in Laws Banning Cellphones

Trucking executives said efforts to ban the use of cellular phones from the nation’s highways would receive industry support as long as state laws do not also ban two-way radios and satellite communication devices.

Andrea Fischer | Staff Reporter
February 28, 2007
Business, Fuel, Government, Technology, Equipment, Safety

Demand for Cleaner Engines Seen Growing

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — An official with the Chicago Climate Exchange said the demand for cleaner engines and alternative fuels in the United States will increase as membership in its cap-and-trade emission trading system expands.

Neil Abt | Editorial Director
February 26, 2007