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Opinion: ‘Black Box’ Retrieval Policies

Loss of event data recorder — or “black box” — information is one of the biggest problems in trucking accident litigation. While the market for EDR monitoring software has exploded in recent years, accident experts and attorneys are finding that much of this technology is incorrectly downloaded, analyzed and stored, creating legal and financial risks that can threaten the very existence of the company that makes use of it.

February 24, 2011
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Opinion: How to Choose the Right Carrier

For shippers, ultimately, their choice of carrier will be translated either into greater company profitability — or a balance sheet splattered with red ink.

February 18, 2011
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Opinion: Coach Your Drivers and Win

FMCSA’s new Compliance, Safety, Accountability program is changing transportation’s driver-retention game. Every driver will have his or her own CSA score, and every company will have its composite CSA score.

February 11, 2011
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Opinion: Trucking Is Up to the Challenge!

The most important near-term component of our campaign to retain the current hours of service rules is industry involvement.

February 4, 2011
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Opinion: Truck Maintenance Tips: The Top 11 for 2011

Let’s face it; nobody likes to make the same mistake twice. Maintenance professionals in particular always should be looking for procedures that have prevented downtime and failures in the past.

January 28, 2011
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Opinion: Driver Dock Detention Costs All

Anne Ferro, administrator for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, recently addressed members of the National Industrial Transportation League about an issue that’s become all too common industrywide — driver detention at the docks.

January 20, 2011
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Opinion: Enlarging the ‘Circle of Safety’

Safety is contagious — it benefits everyone. By sponsoring the national championships, American Trucking Associations gives thousands of drivers the opportunity to show the nation how safe truck drivers can be on the road.

January 11, 2011
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Opinion: Late Fees and Supply Chain Integrity

Appointment scheduling is common in today’s transportation industry. It allows for the orderly receipt of shipments, reduces waiting time and increases routing and operations productivity. When all goes according to plan, the supply chain flows with optimal efficiency.

January 7, 2011
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Opinion: The First 24 Hours After an Accident

Any commercial carrier accident involving personal injury or property damage has lawsuit potential, and the public is usually quick to blame the truck driver.

April 29, 2010