Permissions Policies

Transport Topics is frequently asked how its content may be re-used or re-purposed by other individuals or organizations.

Most content appearing in Transport Topics, either in printed or digital form, is owned and copyrighted by Transport Topics and The American Trucking Associations, Inc. and may not be copied, or re-distributed by any means without either express written permission, or the payment of a licensing fee.

Transport Topics does, however, make its content available for re-use in several ways:

First, Transport Topics maintains an RSS news feed located at

Any individual or company may include the feed on its web site or other digital channels, subject to certain restrictions.

There is no fee for this service. For more information complete the form here.

Second, under the doctrine of "Fair Use", individuals and entities may refer to and copy brief passages of Transport Topics content, provided Transport Topics is properly credited as the source and, if the item appears on the Transport Topics web site, includes a link to the article on our site. This applies to all Transport Topics content, including content which may or may not appear behind a Transport Topics web site "pay wall". Note that while you may link to them, you may not copy or re-distribute photographs, charts, illustrations, cartoons or other graphics without express permission. A "brief passage" is defined as no more than two paragraphs.

Third, from time to time Transport Topics may grant on a limited basis, permission to re-use its content and will waive the licensing fee.

Typically in these cases a PDF formatted copy of the content will be created by Transport Topics and sent to the requester.

Transport Topics may grant permission for the PDF to be posted on a web site, incorporated into a newsletter, or re-printed as a stand-alone piece. Permissions are granted on a case-by-case basis. Complete the permissions form here.

Fourth, Transport Topics has authorized Foster Printing Service to produce customized hard-copy and digital reprints.

In exchange for a fee paid to Foster Printing Service the user will receive printed or digital reprints, along with a license to re-use the content. Contact Foster Printing Service at .

And lastly, users may purchase a license to reproduce or re-use Transport Topics content by paying a fee to The Copyright Clearance Center at

Understanding copyright practices and knowing how content may be properly re-used has become increasingly complex in the digital age. Transport Topics encourages those who may wish to re-use its material to complete the permissions form here or contact the Transport Topics Permissions Desk at or by calling (703) 838-1770.