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Tank Truck Driver Scarcity Could Result in Spot Fuel Shortages

Carbon Express tank truck Carbon Express

Trucking and oil industry experts are warning of possible delays in fuel deliveries during the peak of the summer driving season as the pinch from the driver shortage — particularly among tanker truck drivers — could slow down service to fueling stations.

Dan Ronan | Associate News Editor
July 2, 2021
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Tank/Bulk Carriers See Gains and Losses

A Merchant Gas Group nitrogen hauler. Kenan Advantage Group

Carriers in the tank/bulk sector posted modest gains in revenue as firms dealt with positive and negative market trends. Higher prices slowed demand for fuel shipments, while increases in oil and gas drilling and production of petrochemicals boosted demand for tankers.

Daniel P. Bearth | Staff Writer
July 23, 2018

Opinion: The Driver Shortage From a Tank Truck Perspective

The driver shortage remains a challenge for trucking companies across the board, and the tank truck industry is no exception.

Lee Miller | Chairman, National Tank Truck Drivers
March 12, 2018

Tank-Truck Carrier Patriot Transportation Suffers Steep Decline in Profits

Tank-truck carrier Patriot Transportation Holding reported a sizeable decline in profits in its fiscal fourth quarter directly tied to hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the lose of a key customer.

Ari Ashe | Staff Reporter
November 30, 2017

More Freight, Fewer Carriers Boost Tankers, Fleets Say

Several tank-truck operators said freight volumes are increasing and rates are moving higher thanks to the combination of that higher level of demand and lower capacity on the carrier side.

April 25, 2011

Tank Truck Industry Faces Unique Challenges with More Regulations, Expenses, Officials Say

The tank truck industry faces a unique set of challenges that have led to increased regulations, self-imposed safety precautions and higher costs. Industry executives said they are adjusting by embracing new technology, providing additional driver training and re-examining their operations. 

May 10, 2010