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While Self-Driving Car Hype Decelerates, Automated Trucks Grab Attention at CES exhibit at CES 2020 Self-driving truck startup showcases International and Peterbilt models outfitted with its technology at CES. (Seth Clevenger/Transport Topics)

LAS VEGAS — Even as automated vehicle developers tamped down inflated expectations for fully self-driving passenger cars at CES 2020, several companies continued to tout the market potential for highly automated commercial vehicles.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
January 24, 2020
Government, Business, Technology, Safety, Logistics, Autonomous

California DMV OKs Light-Duty Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

Interstate 5 in San Diego County, Calif. Interstate 5 in northern San Diego County, Calif. The state's DMV approved the testing and commercial use of autonomous delivery vehicles on public roads. (Getty Images)

California has authorized the testing and commercial use of light-duty autonomous delivery vehicles on public roads.

Eleanor Lamb | Staff Reporter
January 2, 2020
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Volvo Group Venture Capital Invests in Apex.AI, Autotech Ventures

Workers install a Volvo engine on an assembly line Workers install a Volvo engine on the assembly line at the Dublin, Va., plant. (Volvo Group Truck Operations)

Volvo Group Venture Capital AB announced it invested in Apex.AI, a startup software company involved in autonomous mobility, to help fund the development of a safety-certified software framework for autonomous systems.

Roger Gilroy | Senior Reporter
December 10, 2019
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VW Considers Sharing Autonomous-Car Tech to Defray Development Costs

Workers at a Volkswagen plant Workers on the production line at Volkswagen's plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. (Mark Elias/Bloomberg News)

Volkswagen AG is open to sharing future autonomous-vehicle systems with other manufacturers as it races to catch up with the likes of Waymo LLC in cost-intensive technologies that could transform the way people and goods move, according to an executive at the German automaker.

Christoph Rauwald | Bloomberg News
November 6, 2019
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Lawyer David Estrada Takes On Autonomous Safety Questions at Nuro

Autonomous safety questions Kroger and Nuro's R1 driverless delivery vehicle. (Andrew Brown/The Kroger Co. via Associated Press)P)

Silicon Valley lawyer David Estrada is taking on a new role at Nuro Inc., a Mountain View, Calif.-based self-driving car startup founded by two of his former Google colleagues and backed by nearly $1 billion from SoftBank Group Corp.’s Vision Fund.

Brad Stone | Bloomberg News
November 6, 2019
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Why Truck Makers Are Skipping Level 3

Driver inside ZF demo truck A ZF demo truck simulates an autonomous yard move. Highly automated trucks will require redundant systems. (Seth Clevenger/Transport Topics)

What do the 2009 crash of Air France Flight 447 and a seminal 2012 study by Google on how people interact with self-driving cars have in common?

B. Cameron Gain | Special to Transport Topics
September 20, 2019
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Cities Need ‘Sophisticated Urban Freight Policies,’ Report Says

Crowded New York City street A traffic jam in New York City. The report said city officials will need to rethink urban freight policies to accommodate the changing transportation landscape. (U.S. DOT)

Officials aiming to facilitate the flow of freight amid advancements in autonomous vehicle technologies need policies designed to reduce the frequency of freight trips while enhancing safety, a new report by the National Association of City Transportation Officials concluded.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
September 10, 2019
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Daimler, Torc Begin Testing Self-Driving Trucks in Virginia

DTNA test truck A Freightliner Cascadia test truck outfitted with Torc’s self-driving software and lidar sensors, cameras and radar. (Daimler Trucks North America)

Daimler Trucks has begun testing highly automated heavy-duty trucks on Virginia highways in partnership with its subsidiary, Torc Robotics, the companies said.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
September 9, 2019
Business, Technology, Autonomous Enters Joint Venture With Chinese Truck Maker FAW Jiefang, a startup providing self-driving technology, announced a joint venture to develop autonomous trucks with FAW Jiefang, China’s oldest and largest truck manufacturer.

September 6, 2019
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Peloton to Develop System for Driverless Following Truck in Platooning

Two Peloton trucks Peloton is developing Automated Following, a system that relies on vehicle-to-vehicle communication to connect a driverless, fully automated following truck with a driver-controlled lead truck in a platoon. (Peloton)

Peloton Technology Inc. announced it is expanding its vision for truck platooning and driver productivity.

Roger Gilroy | Senior Reporter
July 17, 2019