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Fleets Eye Camera Systems to Replace Mirrors

Interior cab with MirrorEye The cab shows the MirrorEye side-view displays and its look-down display above the windshield. (Stoneridge Inc.)

Camera monitor systems designed to replace a truck’s conventional side mirrors are getting favor­able reviews from drivers, according to exec­utives at fleets that are testing the new technology, which also recently received a nod of approval from federal regulators.

January 25, 2019
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Stoneridge, Orlaco Create Alliance for Mirror Systems

Trucking supplier Stoneridge and Orlaco BV, a maker of vehicle camera systems, announced an alliance to develop, make and sell electronic mirror replacement systems for commercial and off-road vehicles.

July 24, 2015
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Convoy Technologies Launches Portable Camera for Tractor-Trailers

Convoy Technologies

Convoy Technologies has launched a new portable video-monitoring system for tractor-trailers designed to reduce blind spot-related accidents and improve safety.

March 9, 2015