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As Port Ships Become L.A.’s Biggest Polluters, California Could Force a Cleanup

Ships visiting Southern California’s bustling ports are poised to become the region’s largest source of smog-causing pollutants in coming years, one reason state regulators want to reduce emissions from thousands more of them.

Tony Barboza | Los Angeles Times
January 3, 2020
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SoCal Regulators See Chance to Rein in Freight Pollution

Over and over in their decadeslong war on smog, Southern California regulators have failed to use a powerful tool against ports, warehouses and other freight and logistics hubs that are magnets for air pollution.

Tony Barboza | Los Angeles Times
April 5, 2018

L.A., Long Beach Mayors Sign Pact Setting Zero-Emissions Goals for Ports

The mayors of Los Angeles and Long Beach signed an agreement June 12 directing the nation’s largest port complex to reduce air pollution by moving toward zero-emission trucks and yard equipment.

Tony Barboza | Los Angeles Times
June 15, 2017

Port of Los Angeles Terminal Fails to Comply With Pollution-Reduction Mandates, Officials Say

The Port of Los Angeles has failed to meet pollution-reduction requirements at another shipping terminal, city officials said Feb. 1, their second such admission in recent months.

Tony Barboza | Los Angeles Times
February 2, 2016

Port of L.A. Rolled Back Measures to Cut Pollution During Its 'Green' Expansion

Shortly after the Port of Los Angeles agreed to require air quality improvements at one of its busiest terminals seven years ago, top port officials privately began rolling back pollution-cutting measures they promised, government records obtained by The Los Angeles Times show.

Tony Barboza | Los Angeles Times
December 15, 2015