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Airlines Granted More Flight Cuts as Consumer Complaints Surge

Airlines have been granted more leeway to reduce flights amid the coronavirus pandemic. A plane operated by Delta Air Lines flies into San Diego International Airport on April 27. (Bing Guan/Bloomberg News)

Struggling U.S. airlines will get more freedom to stop flying to some U.S. cities amid scant demand from passengers who’ve filed thousands of complaints to U.S. regulators about carrier refund policies, the Transportation Department said May 12.

Ryan Beene and Alan Levin | Bloomberg News
May 12, 2020
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NTSB Critical of Tesla, Apple in Probe of 2018 Crash

NTSB Board hearing to investigate a 2018 fatal Tesla crash NTSB board hearing on Feb. 25, 2020 via ntsb.windrosemedia.com

The 2018 fatal crash of a Tesla Inc. SUV, in which an Apple Inc. employee was playing a game on his company-issued phone and the car veered into a divider, highlights the “misuses of technology,” a U.S. investigator said Feb. 25.

Ryan Beene and Alan Levin | Bloomberg News
February 25, 2020
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Self-Driving Uber in Crash Wasn’t Designed to See Jaywalkers

Uber Self-Driving Seth Wenig/Associated Press

Uber Technologies Inc.’s self-driving test car that struck and killed a pedestrian last year wasn’t programmed to recognize and react to jaywalkers, according to documents released by U.S. safety investigators.

Ryan Beene and Alan Levin | Bloomberg News
November 6, 2019