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TomTom Maps Out Revamp With Bet on Self-Driving Cars

TomTom is getting involved in autonomous, self-driving cars. An attendee wears a virtual reality headset while experiencing the TomTom NV autonomous driving system at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (David Williams/Bloomberg News)

Once a household name for its satellite navigation for cars, TomTom NV has taken a backseat in recent years as smartphones, loaded with apps such as Google maps, surged in popularity.

Natalia Drozdiak | Bloomberg News
September 4, 2019
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Robots Aren’t Yet Killing Off All Our Jobs, World Bank Says

Robot Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg News

The rise of automation has so far had a negligible impact on jobs at a global scale, the World Bank chief economist said, despite common gloomy predictions that humans are set to be replaced by machines.

Natalia Drozdiak | Bloomberg News
January 3, 2019