Marisa Kendall

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Could Self-Driving Bulldozers Help Fix A Housing Shortage?

Screenshot via Built Robotics

As the yellow and black bulldozer-like machine zoomed around the construction site preparing the ground for 700 new houses, all that was missing was someone in the driver’s seat.

Marisa Kendall | The Mercury News (San Jose, Calif.)
April 23, 2018
Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety, Autonomous, TCA

Lyft to Unleash Self-Driving Cars on San Francisco Roads

Lyft's new Amp glows on the dashboard of a car in San Francisco Josh Edelson/AP Images for Lyft

Self-driving Lyfts are coming to the San Francisco Bay Area, promising to give local residents a first-hand look at the technology that’s poised to dramatically change the nature of transportation.

Marisa Kendall | The Mercury News (San Jose, Calif.)
September 7, 2017