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How to Better Manage Change When Implementing New Technologies

When it comes to implementing new technology, a common failure private fleets experience is managing “change.” Here are four things to consider to help with a successful transition

Jane Jazrawy | CEO, CarriersEdge
August 26, 2022
Business, Technology, Perspective

Perspective: Drivers Seek Improvements on Routes

An annual survey of thousands of drivers found that while most are happy with the pay structure their fleets offer, they see room for improvement with how their routes are selected.

Jane Jazrawy | CEO, CarriersEdge
May 7, 2019
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Opinion: Do You Have a ‘Driver-Centric’ Culture?

Truck drivers are often away from a motor carrier’s physical buildings — where everyone else is located — so they don’t always develop as strong an attachment to the company as other employees do. So if a company doesn’t regularly reach out to drivers and involve them in its culture, that company runs the risk that drivers may look elsewhere for work, to a carrier that they perceive as better.

Jane Jazrawy | CEO, CarriersEdge
July 16, 2018

Opinion: Elevate Drivers From Second-Class Citizens

For the past nine years, we’ve been running the annual Best Fleets to Drive For program in partnership with Truckload Carriers Association. Every year, we learn what fleets are doing for their drivers. We interview fleet management and survey drivers. We learn what works and what doesn’t. And we see trends.

Jane Jazrawy | CEO, CarriersEdge
June 5, 2017