Anuradha Raghu

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Satellites Are Helping to Track Food Supplies in the Coronavirus Era

Tractors harvest corn in Brazil in May 2018. Tractors harvest corn in Brazil in May 2018. (Dado Galdieri/Bloomberg News)

As the coronavirus pandemic leads to anxiety over the strength of the world’s food supply chains, everyone from governments to banks is turning to the skies for help.

Anuradha Raghu | Bloomberg News
April 13, 2020
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Drones That Do the Work of 500 Farmers Transform Palm Oil

Drone for palm oil Plantation workers operates drones for plantation mapping and monitoring in Genting Tanah Merah Estate, owned by Genting Plantations Bhd., in Johore, Malaysia. (Joshua Paul/Bloomberg News)

As haze blanketed large tracts of Southeast Asia last month, office workers with Genting Plantations Bhd. in Jakarta were investigating the source of the choking smoke more than a thousand kilometers away.

Anuradha Raghu | Bloomberg News
November 19, 2019