White House Completes Review of Heavy-Vehicle Electronic Stability Control System Rule

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News

The White House Office of Management and Budget has completed its review of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s final rule on electronic stability control systems for heavy vehicles, bringing it a step closer to publication.

OMB sent the rule back to NHTSA on May 21. By latest projections, it is expected to be published in the Federal Register by June 8.

The rule would mandate a new federal standard for stability control systems on truck tractors and motor coaches that addresses rollover and loss-of-control crashes.

NHTSA said that the mandate is the result of an extensive research program to assess the available technologies, an evaluation of the costs and benefits, and a review of manufacturers' product plans.

Rollover and loss-of-control crashes involving heavy vehicles are responsible for 304 fatalities and 2,738 injuries annually, the agency said.

NHTSA estimates that the technology would save as many as 66 lives, prevent up to 979 injuries and reduce up to 1,693 property damage crashes.