Westport Launches Nat-Gas Engine in China

Westport Innovations

Westport Innovations said its joint venture with Chinese engine maker Weichai Power Co. has launched a new natural-gas engine to serve China’s rapidly growing market for trucks powered by the alternative fuel.

Weichai Westport has begun shipping a new version of its 12-liter WP12 engine featuring Westport’s high-pressure, direct-injection technology, complementing the joint venture’s existing lineup of spark-ignited natural-gas products.

The company plans to ship 30 of its WP12 HPDI engines this year for final customer testing, with factory production expected to start in 2015.

“We are entering the largest market for natural-gas trucks demonstrated by our joint venture with over 60,000 natural-gas engines sold by Weichai Westport in the last two years,” with about 100% growth year-over-year,” Westport CEO David Demers said in an April 28 announcement.

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