February 3, 2020 10:45 AM, EST

Wabco Announces New Aftermarket Strategies

Wabco truck on roadWabco Holdings Inc.

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Wabco Holdings Inc. announced its expanded product and service online platform will launch in March, enabling customers to access its replacement components and retrofit kits. At the same time, the company announced several new aftermarket products and services for commercial vehicles.

“We are demonstrating our commitment to customers by significantly expanding our aftermarket portfolio, adding new distribution infrastructure and logistics capabilities, and creating an enhanced customer experience team for original equipment service providers, aftermarket parts distributors and fleets seeking to maximize vehicle uptime,” Wabco President Jon Morrison said in a release.

Among the new features on the service platform are a customer portal featuring online ordering and technical support, an expanded multilingual field service team providing live and virtual technical support, and a regional version of the company’s training platform, Wabco Academy, tailored to the needs of North American customers.

The platform will enable access to technical instruction via self-directed online modules and on-site, hands-on clinics, as well as certification programs across the spectrum of original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket solutions for commercial vehicle applications.

Meanwhile, the new aftermarket product and services include OnSide ADAS retrofit kits for major truck maker vehicle applications. The radar-based system supports drivers in all visibility conditions by providing a warning when it detects a moving vehicle within a 160-degree arc in the adjacent passenger-side lane.

Also now available are genuine remanufactured air compressors.

Wabco also enhanced its Toolbox diagnostic, subscription-based software with a new version, Toolbox Plus, that supports the latest Wabco product releases, including the Intelligent anti-lock braking system for trailers, modular braking system platform for trucks and TailGUARD reverse collision-avoidance system for trucks and trailers.

The announcements followed Wabco’s decision to acquire, through termination of an existing exclusive distribution agreement with Meritor Inc., full distribution rights for its complete aftermarket product portfolio — for the first time in the company’s history.

Meritor previously distributed Wabco-branded anti-lock brake system technologies, stability control, ADAS, air systems and other replacement products.

“We will use this platform to deliver an enhanced customer experience for OE service providers, aftermarket parts distributors and fleets seeking to maximize uptime and reduce cost per mile for each asset at every stage of its ownership service life cycle,” Morrison said.

In 2017, Wabco agreed to a $250 million buyout of Meritor Inc.’s stake in the joint venture Meritor Wabco, which offered advanced safety technology and air brake systems for commercial vehicles in North America. That deal ended a 27-year, 50-50 partnership but allowed Meritor to continue to provide sales, service and training to Meritor Wabco customers for two years. That has now changed.

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