Uptake, Geotab Partner for AI-Powered Fleet Management

Uptake via YouTube

Industrial solutions software company Uptake and fleet telematics provider Geotab have partnered to develop a service to help fleets predict failures.

By combining Geotab’s hardware, which already captures data from about 100 different truck sensors, with AI-powered predictive analytics, fleets will have more precise insights into which components will fail, and when, according to an Oct. 25 press release.


“For the first time, fleets can go beyond basic monitoring to proactively predict and prevent breakdowns,” Hoyoung Pak, head of transportation and logistics at Uptake, said in the release. “Pairing Geotab’s capabilities to effectively access and rapidly transmit sensor data with Uptake’s ability to turn massive amounts of data into actionable insights leads to undisputed outcomes. Those can include reduced fuel cost, decreased unplanned maintenance and increased fleet productivity. The market has been asking for this for a long time.”

Uptake’s offerings are based on artificial intelligence and Internet of Things analytics.

Geotab rapidly transmits data from a truck’s sensors to the cloud. Uptake then analyzes this data and applies contextual information such as weather conditions to deliver insights to keep a fleet running efficiently. The software also only presents alerts when trucks are at risk of breaking down, helping to ensure that fleets neither under- nor over-maintain.