Truckload Carriers Back Electronic Logging for HOS

The Truckload Carriers Association has voted to support the mandated use of “electronic logging devices” to ensure compliance with hours-of-service regulations.


TCA defines ELDs as devices “used by motor carriers to ensure compliance and reduce paperwork inefficiencies,” it said in a statement Monday. The group’s board of directors voted on the policy Sunday at its annual convention in San Diego.


The adopted policy specifies a number of issues to be addressed in developing a mandate, including that the regulations be “based on the minimal, functional, and performance specifications necessary” to record HOS compliance, TCA said.


Motor carriers using the devices should be relieved of requirements to keep supporting documents, TCA said, and the government should consider tax incentives for them.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposed a regulation in January that would require interstate truck companies to use electronic onboard recorders to ensure HOS compliance.


TCA’s statement did not define the differences, if any, between electronic logging devices and electronic onboard recorders.