Trucking: Don’t Include CBs in Laws Banning Cellphones

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Trucking executives said efforts to ban the use of cellular phones from the nation’s highways would receive industry support as long as state laws do not also ban two-way radios and satellite communication devices.Four states already have banned hand-held cellphones: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and California. The District of Columbia, Santa Fe, N.M., and Chicago also have outlawed talking on hand-held cellphones while driving, and “everyone else in the country is considering it,” said Bob Pitcher, vice president of state laws for American Trucking Associations.“Most truckers would like to see a ban on distracted driving,” said Anne Ferro, president of the Maryland Motor Truck Association. She added that the ban should not include devices such as CB radios, which do not pose “as much of a distraction” as cellphones.For the full story, see the Feb. 26 print edition of Transport Topics. Subscribe today.