Toyota Offers Hints of Its Heavy-Duty Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck

Mario Proenca/Bloomberg News

Toyota is exploring a “semi-trailer truck application” of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Separately, the Nikola Motor Co. said it would unveil Dec. 1 its version of a heavy-duty Class 8 truck powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, for which it has received orders.

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Toyota’s effort is tied to a California-based feasibility study, the vehicle manufacturer said.

“A heavy-duty truck-sized fuel cell vehicle creates a potential zero-emission freight transportation solution for the future,” the company said in a statement. “Additional details on the study, and the continued evolution of a hydrogen society, will be announced in the coming months.”

The Toyota Mirai passenger vehicle powered by s hydrogen fuel cell is already on the market and “will continue to provide a zero-emission driving solution for global customers,” the company said.

The brief announcement was made at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which ran Nov. 16-27.