Telogis Enhances Navigation Software, Adds Mileage Offering

Transportation software provider Telogis recently launched an enhanced version of its truck-specific navigation software and added a new mileage application to its platform.

Telogis Navigation 4.5 features a new user interface designed to make the product easier to use, the company said May 22. Upgrades also include improved map quality with additional features.

The navigation application, which already ran on the Windows Mobile operating system, is now supported by Android as well, a company spokeswoman said.

Telogis also announced it has added a mileage-calculation software application to its fleet management platform.

Telogis Miles provides real-time mileage data that match the actual miles driven when used in conjunction with the Telogis platform, the company said.

Fleet customers using Telogis Navigation will be able to compare total miles driven to the miles generated for business purposes, such as customer billing and lane bidding, Telogis said.

“With Telogis Miles, transportation industry carriers now have the ability to derive the most precise mileage information in order to be able to increase profitability and efficiency in the supply chain,” Newth Morris, co-founder and president of Telogis Route and Navigation, said in the statement.

The mileage application, designed for back-office planners, automatically takes into consideration routing preferences and road modifiers defined by the fleet, Telogis said.

Customers can purchase Telogis Miles as an extension of the Telogis platform. The company said it will offer the technology application to existing customers free of charge for a limited time, but it will be an additional product purchase in the future.