Tech Platform Consolidates Port of Oakland Data

Port of Oakland
Port of Oakland

The Oakland Portal, a new high-tech platform, has been introduced by the Port of Oakland, Calif., to provide a single point for information about its operation, according to the West Coast hub.

The platform provides one location for all the port’s ships, cargo and terminal information. All four of the port’s marine terminals are included, with data on vessel schedules, cargo status and live cameras on the port’s thoroughfares.

The Oakland Portal is thought to be the first digital-collaboration platform that aggregates shipping information from every marine terminal in a harbor.

By early next year, the platform is expected to include real-time performance metrics and customized dashboards for the various users such as trucking companies and cargo owners.

Supply chain operators would better manage trade flow with the portal in place, according to the port. Also, cargo owners can know with greater precision when to expect merchandise, while trucking companies can know when and where to dispatch drivers for container pickup.