Survey Finds Carriers Expect Capacity to Increase

About two-thirds of motor carriers surveyed plan to increase capacity in the next 12 months, up from 51% last quarter, a study from Transport Capital Partners said.

Of those surveyed, 38% said their capacity additions will be 5% or less, and 20% said they plan on a 6% to 10% increase, TCP said.

The number of carriers that plan to add capacity with independent contractors increased for the first time since February 2011 to 22%, according to the study.

TCP said it believes most of the capacity increase will be in specific business lines such as intermodal and dedicated carriage, rather than across-the-board general fleet increases.

“Going into the recession, publicly owned carriers cut trucks 20% to 25%, and they have not added back more. Most trucks are being sold as replacements,” Steven Dutro, TCP partner, said in a statement.