SMC3 Adds Volume LTL Pricing API

Packages on pallets in warehouse

SMC3, a knowledge hub for LTL transportation pricing data and technology, has added a tool to its platform.

Earlier in October, the company revealed a direct-to-carrier volume LTL pricing API solution that can be used with SMC3’s RateWare XL contract rating tool. API stands for application programming interface.

“In the shifting supply chain arena, shippers and 3PLs that use our volume LTL pricing API in conjunction with RateWare XL can guarantee they always receive the best possible rate for their freight moves,” Chief Commercial Officer Brian Thompson said in a press release. “Our goal is to arm our customers with the knowledge they need to optimize their LTL decisions.”

By using this service, customers pay the going rate for the space their freight uses as opposed to a previously agreed upon LTL contract price. This volume LTL freight can move on a carrier’s backhaul or chronic empty lanes.