Select the Right Maintenance Partner


Whether you’re launching a national program or testing a pilot site, deciding to outsource your fleet maintenance program is an extensive decision. How is your business navigating potential relationships and vetting vendors? Read on and select the right maintenance partner.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to evaluate the costs associated with your fleet maintenance. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way nearly all businesses operate on a day-to-day level. Fleets across the country are having trouble finding qualified drivers, technicians, and fleet managers. Whether your fleet is looking to add mobile service centers to support routine maintenance and improve compliance or looking for an outside vendor to manage your maintenance program, vetting your prospects is the first step in making significant change.

There are ten vital questions your business should ask when vetting potential vendors:

  1. How does the maintenance provider manage quality?
  2. Will the maintenance partner offer priority service?
  3. Does the vendor demonstrate cost transparency?
  4. How does the maintenance provider handle the unexpected?
  5. How does the provider attract, develop, and retain the best technicians in the industry?
  6. How will detailed information on all services be captured?
  7. How will the vendor manage the transition?
  8. How does the provider manage safety and risk?
  9. How does the vendor ensure consistent, standardized work processes and policy for all vehicles?
  10. How will the maintenance provider bring continual quality improvement and cost reduction to the fleet?

Asking these questions can help your business navigate how vendors communicate, what their priorities are and how you can partner in a way that benefits your fleet and your schedule. Every fleet has unique service needs, and it’s crucial that your needs are met.

Large fleets should not accept anything less than exceptional performance when it comes to fleet maintenance. Partnering with a nationwide provider who has a sole focus on maintenance, can offer fleets a consistent, national solution.

Amerit Fleet Solutions is a nationwide fleet maintenance provider with customized fleet maintenance solutions. Amerit’s team of maintenance and repair experts work around the clock and across the nation to deliver comprehensive maintenance and repair programs designed to solve problem areas, maximize uptime, and deliver quality and value.

Amerit’s services include:

Amerit’s experience and exposure to some of the largest and most complex fleets in the country has resulted in significant learned experiences. These learned experiences have helped create innovative, reliable, and flexible fleet maintenance solutions for a variety of fleets across the nation.

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Amerit is relentlessly driven by a simple, clear mission – to improve clients’ fleet uptime, safety, and reliability while providing outstanding service, quality, and value. Amerit has built their reputation on being the country’s most professional, dependable, trustworthy, and hard-working partner in Fleet Maintenance and Repair Services.

Offering a variety of maintenance solutions, from mobile service centers to on-site workforces, Amerit offers solutions for national fleets whenever and wherever they’re needed.  Amerit focuses on responsiveness, excellence, flexibility, expertise, and partnership to bring their clients the best-in-class fleet maintenance services and solutions.


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