RollTek - Now the Most Requested Advanced Safety System by Fleets

If you haven’t heard of RollTek by IMMI, you soon will.  It’s the only sideroll airbag protection for heavy duty trucks available in North America, which makes it the fastest growing safety technology today.  In fact, more fleets recognize how important this life-saving system is when they consider this sobering statistic:  More than half of driver fatalities in large trucks are due to a rollover.* (*FMCSA) Yet, with RollTek, that accident can turn a fatality into a walkaway event.

How does RollTek work to save drivers’ lives?  In the blink of an eye, which is literally a quarter of a second, RollTek will sense when a truck is about to overturn.  The seat belt pretensioner immediately tightens around the driver, while the seat pull-down system drops to increase the survivable space in the cab.  The airbag then deploys to cushion the driver’s head and neck.

In real-world cases, fleets report that RollTek has meant the difference between life and death.  In fact, Brent Bergevin, the Vice President of Transportation for Gemini Motor Transport, subsidiary of Love’s Travel Stops, won’t buy a truck without it.  “RollTek to me means safety.  I don’t know how you can put a price on a driver’s life,” said Bergevin.  As Bergevin and others know, a lost payload is replaceable, but a driver is not. 

IMMI, the manufacturer of RollTek also provides more than 80% of lap-shoulder belts and Komfort Latches on the nations’ trucks.  RollTek is available on all OEM platforms.


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IMMI® is the trusted, global leader of safety solutions, helping to protect millions of lives every day. For almost sixty years, IMMI has led the way in developing, designing, testing and manufacturing innovative safety restraints and systems. IMMI’s safety products are found worldwide on car seats, heavy trucks, school buses, recreational/off road, military, fire/EMS, motor coach, and construction vehicles. Privately owned, headquartered in Westfield, Indiana and operating seven additional global facilities, IMMI is also home to CAPE®, the world’s leading state-of-the-art testing facility. 

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