Proctor & Gamble to Convert 20% of For-Hire Loads to Nat-Gas

Proctor & Gamble said it will work with carriers to convert 20% of its for-hire truckloads to natural-gas powered vehicles within two years.

The company said it expects to see savings from the switch and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by close to 5,000 metric tons, the equivalent of the emissions from 1,000 passenger vehicles for a year.

“P&G is investing in carriers with a commitment to natural gas vehicles to help boost the merging natural gas industry, while continuing to seek more sustainable options for out supply chain and operations,” Yannis Skoufalos, global product supply officer, Proctor & Gamble said in a statement.

The natural-gas powered trucks will drive routes in 16 states with an average length of haul of more than 280 miles, with two 1,000 mile routes, according to P&G.

The company already owns 22 natural-gas powered vehicles as part of the company’s sustainability vision that includes eventually using 100% renewable energy at all of its plants and using 100% renewable or recycled materials for products and packaging.