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Orbcomm Announces Camera Analytics, Sensors

Eric Witty
Eric Witty, senior vice president of product, discusses upgrades made to Orbcomm's data-driven truck telematics solution. (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

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ORLANDO, Fla. — Orbcomm announced enhancements to its data-driven truck telematics solution.

The company’s technology features aim to improve visibility, efficiency and safety for fleets, drivers and customers, an executive with the firm said March 6 at the Technology & Maintenance Council 2022 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition.

Eric Witty , vice president of product, made the announcement at the event.

“Some of them are additions to our platforms and existing products,” Witty said, “and a few others are stand-alone products.”

“Orbcomm is delivering innovative sensor technology and feature enhancements to provide the transportation industry with the most comprehensive, data-driven truck solution that extends from the asset’s nose to tail,” Chris MacDonald, senior vice president of North America sales, said in a statement.

The features include cargo camera sensor, tractor ID sensor for refrigerated trailers, and safety and maintenance integrations. The company explained the cargo camera sensor identifies the status of a trailer with images that capture load and unload progress, load shift, cargo damage, dunnage and cleanout verification.


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The tractor ID sensor for refrigerated trailers is designed to ensure the tractor connects to a desired trailer. It is programmed to filter nearby trailers to avoid inaccurate pairings.

As part of its safety and maintenance integrations, the firm indicated it completed an integration with Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems on safety and collision avoidance. Bendix’s software collects and transmits data and video of severe events off the vehicle, as well as actionable real-time information. With Bendix, Orbcomm customers would be able to assess driving trends and develop training.

“On the maintenance side in Orbcomm, we have full integration with their product,” Witty noted.

The company emphasized the features are meant to facilitate efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

“We are empowering our customers with deep insights about their operations to address their pain points, increase the efficiency of their fleet and their drivers and enable them to make more informed business decisions — all through one integrated platform,” MacDonald’s statement said.

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