OMB Clears Rule to Streamline FMCSA Registration

The White House Office of Management and Budget has approved a rule to streamline three federal motor carrier registration systems into one, the final step before the final rule can be published.

Under a 2011 proposal by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the Unified Registration System would combine the Department of Transportation number system, the mechanism for showing proof of insurance and the designation of a process agent for receiving legal notices.

It would streamline the registration process for carriers, and require the process to be completed online. The fee for registering would also increase to $300 from $200.

OMB concluded its review of the rule Monday, which clears the way for FMCSA to publish a Federal Register notice laying out the final system and implementation plan.

In DOT’s most recent update on rule timelines, it said it would publish the URS rule in August.