Motive Announces Array of AI Products, Services

‘Our Roads are More Dangerous Than Ever,’ CEO Says
Shoaib Makani
The real value of driver safety solutions is by leveraging the power of AI to detect unsafe behavior to prevent accidents in real time," says Motive CEO Shoaib Makani. (Eric Miller/Transport Topics)

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Fleet management technology supplier Motive has announced an array of new AI products and services designed for driver safety and greater visibility and control over motor carrier and other related operations.

“With today’s announcements, we’re executing on our vision of one integrated platform that combines Driver Safety, Spend Management, Fleet Management and Equipment Monitoring, and now AI Omnivision — all in one place,” Motive CEO Shoaib Makani said at the company’s Vision 24 Innovation Summit on April 9-10.

“And with our continued investment in AI and computer vision," he continued, "we’re automating even more manual work so our customers can focus on the people and things that matter most. Our roads are more dangerous than ever. There is an epidemic of unsafe and distracted driving that has tragic consequences.

“Unfortunately, the legacy technology in this industry has not helped you overcome these challenges. The real value of driver safety solutions is by leveraging the power of AI to detect unsafe behavior to prevent accidents in real time.”

Coming Attractions

Motive announced other enhancements to its to its Driver Safety Solution and when they expect to be ready. They include new AI models that detect unsafe behaviors such as:

  • Drowsiness: Second quarter
  • Lane swerving: Fourth quarter
  • Forward collision warnings: Second quarter
  • Sideswipe: Fourth quarter
  • Blind spot monitoring: Fourth quarter
  • Unsafe parking: Third quarter

Source: Motive Technologies Inc.

Company executives said to foster a positive safety culture, it is necessary to protect against unsafe driving behavior but equally important to reward the safe driving behavior that many drivers practice each day. Along those lines, Motive announced AI recognition of positive driving behaviors (Q3) that promote safe driving practices, such as keeping a safe distance between vehicles.

Motive is not only expanding its AI driver safety platform but also introducing its new AI Omnivision — a suite of AI-powered software solutions designed to deliver visibility into every corner of an operation.

In a statement, Motive said AI Omnivision brings new capabilities to leaders from a broad range of industries, including waste services, construction, transportation, logistics, and oil and gas. Leveraging the capabilities of Motive’s AI Omnicam technology allows customers to develop and deploy precise AI models quickly. Some AI Omnivision enhancements will be ready this quarter with final completion coming in the first quarter of 2025.

Motive said this year it will introduce its new Driver Safety Solution with first responder functionality that will dispatch emergency services in the event of a severe collision. The average response time to 911 calls is 10-19 minutes, and fatalities can be reduced by 13% for every minute that first responders arrive faster at the scene, Motive said, citing data from the journal Jama Surgery. This is critically important when accidents occur in remote places.

In the fourth quarter, the company also will offer “Motive Beacon,” a technology that locates small assets and equipment in warehouses, on job sites and in transit.

Physical operations leaders constantly struggle with tracking smaller pieces of equipment on outdoor job sites and inside warehouses, where traditional GPS tracking does not work reliably, Motive said.

“This challenge results in billions of dollars worth of financial losses for retailers and construction firms from lost or stolen pallets and equipment, and employees often spend weeks searching for specific items,” Motive said.

Motive Beacon is a small but highly durable Bluetooth-based tracking device that allows customers to track property from small tools and equipment on a worksite to pallets in a warehouse.

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