McLeod Mobile Capture App Eliminates Image Transaction Fees

McLeod app
McLeod Software

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McLeod Software’s version of DocumentPower Enterprise and FlowLogix will have a free version of its Mobile Capture app for phones and tablets.

The Birmingham, Ala.-based software company said in a Nov. 18 news release that there will be no more transaction charges for using remote image capture from mobile devices.

McLeod officials said that would make it easier for truck drivers to snap a picture of their documents then index them against the load, identify the document type and quickly submit a high-quality image to DocumentPower Enterprise, to get the billing and settlement process moving while using less mobile data.

McLeod said the move means fleets and drivers who submit paperwork via this method will not be assessed per-image transactional charges or monthly user fees. With the Mobile Capture app, anyone who has been given permission has the ability to capture and upload images directly to the DocumentPower system. Images can be indexed directly from the app on the mobile device, as part of the capture process, or sent to a remote indexing folder within DocumentPower, so office personnel can complete the indexing and document classification process, McLeod officials said.

The Mobile Capture feature also allows back-office employees to initiate a request for documents directly from the system. The driver or other recipient receives a link embedded with indexing information to launch the app on their device, taking them directly to the image capture screen. The recipient can then capture the requested paperwork through their device and submit it back to the requester, where it is automatically indexed and stored in DocumentPower, McLeod officials said. Transport Topics

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