Lyft Driverless Cars Top 5,000 Rides in Las Vegas

Lyft Driverless Cars
Josh Edelson/AP Images for Lyft

Lyft driverless cars have provided more than 5,000 rides to passengers on the Las Vegas Strip since May.

The ride-hailing giant and technology company Apitv outfitted a fleet of BMWs with autonomous navigation technology, testing the cars on fixed routes on the Strip.

“Lyft is the largest network currently deploying a commercial self-driving program to the public,” Chief Strategy Officer Raj Kapoor said in a statement.

After a weeklong demonstration of the technology during the CES electronics show in January, Lyft launched a pilot program in May with a fleet of 30 cars.

Aptiv is gathering data on how the cars react to unpredictable scenarios, which is being used to improve the company’s systems. A human driver is in the cars at all times.

Customer response has been positive so far, with 96% of riders saying they would take an autonomous Lyft ride in the future, the company said.

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