Letter to the Editor: Pilot Flying J

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I am writing to you as a satisfied customer of Pilot Flying J, and I wanted to express my opinion — and what I believe is the feeling of the majority of Pilot customers — concerning issues within the Pilot organization (“2 Pilot Workers Plead Guilty in Fuel Rebate Controversy,”).

There is a problem that needs to be corrected. However, the majority of us have not been harmed, and I believe that needs to be said. I have spoken with many carriers that have checked their accounts and have found everything to be correct.

If we are the professionals we claim to be, we should have systems in place to continually audit any economic deal we enter into. I was always told by my father, “You get what you inspect, not expect.”

The Pilot organization has been a very good partner with P.I.&I., helping us through some of the most trying economic times we have seen by tailoring programs to meet our needs.

I am disappointed in my colleagues, some of whom didn’t even know an issue existed. If they found that they had a problem, why didn’t they go up the chain of command at Pilot? How can a company’s management fix a problem they are not aware of? I personally solicit feedback from our customers to make sure my team is doing things the way they were instructed. Pilot always has been open to my suggestions and concerns.

I would think every carrier should audit its accounts, not only with Pilot but with all suppliers they do business with, in order to ensure all deals are carried out as negotiated. We may have relationships with

vendors, but business is business.

I would like to hear all the answers to the charges as well, but I would prefer to wait until the entire truthful story is released before passing judgment.

I believe Pilot to be a first-class organization run by first-class people. I can only hope they will continue the good work they do, not only for our industry but for the communities and organizations that benefit from their generosity.

Joseph Kerola


P.I.&I. Motor Express Inc.

Sharon, Pa.