Isaac Instruments Introduces Updated Video Camera System

System Includes a Road-Facing Camera and Optional Side and Driver-Facing Cameras
Isaac InView
Isaac’s updated InView camera system provides liability protection while enhancing driver coaching. (Isaac Instruments)

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In-cab technology provider Isaac Instruments has introduced the next generation of its InView integrated video camera system, designed to help trucking fleets improve safety, protect against false claims and support driver coaching.

The updated system includes a road-facing camera and optional side and driver-facing cameras to cover all angles and provide extended visibility alongside the truck.

Instant access to video, combined with Isaac’s telematics data, gives fleet operators a clearer picture of what happened during an accident, which can exonerate drivers and refute false claims, the company said.

The rugged road-facing camera captures a wide-angle visual field for clear videos during daytime or nighttime conditions.



In the event of a harsh maneuver, the optional inward-facing camera can determine whether the driver was distracted.

“From avoiding nuclear verdicts to keeping insurance costs lower, we know that video is a critical tool for so many of our fleet clients,” Jacques DeLarochelliere, Isaac’s CEO and co-founder, said in the Sept. 11 announcement. “With the evolution of Isaac InView, we can further help them operate safer fleets and have added protection for their drivers out on the road.”

The system also bolsters fleets’ efforts to coach their drivers to avoid risky driving behaviors.

“With the Isaac InView cameras and other data that Isaac collects for us, we can identify drivers who have a little bit more aggressive driving habits,” said Lynn Berning, risk and compliance manager for Tucker Freight Lines. “It’s pretty clear through some of the critical events, but we can use those as a teachable moment.”

Isaac said customers can access videos directly through Isaac’s fleet management platform rather than interacting with multiple technology suppliers.

Isaac InView’s four-channel digital video recorder is mounted behind the dash, separate from the forward-facing camera. This ensures that video will not be lost if the windshield is damaged in an accident, the company said.

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